The Climate Collective is a group of individuals working together to directly confront the underlying causes of climate change, though our actions and our words.

We believe that climate change and the greater climate crisis is just one symptom of a larger problem, which is the capitalist system and the state, and is just one of the injustices and inequalities brought about by these economic and political structures. Thus we see the struggle against climate change as part of a larger struggle against the capitalist and state systems, and as a crucial and timely point of intervention in this struggle. We as well see ourselves aligned with other groups working to combat the capitalist and state system though other means, and part of this larger struggle.

We work directly to confront the direct causes of climate change (fossil fuels, industrial agriculture, deforestation, and false solutions), while at the same time trying to undermine the structures that are the root cause of the climate crisis.

We reject all false solutions such as geoengineering, green capitalism, consumer lifestyle choices, and carbon markets, to name a few. We as well reject any so called processes or agreements made between states and capitalist institutions, such as any agreement reached as part of the UN climate summits process (often referred to as the COP’s), because we know that no real solutions will ever come from those causing the problem, and from those who stand to lose the most by addressing the causes of climate change.

Real solutions to climate change will come both by dismantling both the industries polluting our atmosphere and environment, and dismantling hierarchical authoritarian economic and political structures which use infinite growth and extraction of finite resources as a founding paradigm.

On the contrary, by combating the root causes of climate change, we hope to simultaneously combat and weaken the underlying systems at their root. We align ourselves with other struggles that share our core values and opposition to capitalism and the state, and offer solidarity to them in the common struggle. We are a political collective primarily located in Denmark, however see ourselves as part of a larger global movement against the root causes of climate change, and welcome collaboration with other groups who share our political analysis and organizing structures.

We organize by consensus and with a nonhierarchical structure that is based on affinity, autonomy and trust. The collective has its roots in organizing protests against the COP15 negotiations in Copenhagen in 2009, as part of a broad network of grassroots organizations. However, we see ourselves now as a localized and affinity based collective taking part in a global struggle. We see our strategy of action as both fostering critical discussion and taking direct action against these systems of oppression to combat the climate catastrophe.